Elbow Pain; What are the causes and treatments?

Elbow pain is one of the most common complaints of most people. Usually, people don’t realize the actual cause of the pain. But it is essential to identify the actual cause otherwise you won’t be able to get appropriate treatment for it. You may visit a pain center near me to detect the actual cause of the pain. 



Some of the most common causes are defined below: 


  • If you have disorders including bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis. These medical causes affect the elbows. 
  • Some injuries may develop stress fracture or muscle strain leading to elbow pain. 
  • If you use your elbow too much, it can develop pain in it as joints suffer from wear and tear if you overuse them.
  • The sprains and strains can damage the elbow or surrounding areas of it. The body alerts you about it with the feeling of pain.
  • There is a specific term nursemaid’s elbow that is used for a child whose elbow is aching due to constant pull of the guardian as it can put pressure on the elbow and expand the muscles and joints in the surrounding area of the arm to the point leading to the dislocation.  


If you are not sure of the cause of your elbow pain, you can consult elbow pain doctor manhattan, to determine the real cause behind it so that you can get the correct treatment.  

If the elbow pain is making you less productive. Here are some of the treatment options discussed below to relieve you from neck pain. 




You can stop using your elbow for a while. Maybe the activity can cause pain. So, it will be better to take a break of a couple of days to relieve the pain.



Elbow cold therapy: 


Implementation of cold compression to your aching elbow may also help reduce the pain. Not only this therapy reduces the pain but inflammation also. 


Cover it with a gauze: 


A bandage may help to relax your elbow as it will make you remember that you are not allowed to move it for a few days. For better results, you may use an air splint. 


Exercise Regularly: 


You should do some light exercises as too much immobility may cause the elbow area to hurt. It will also help to increase the flexibility of your arm and strength. You may contact pain management near me to consult with your doctor about suitable exercises for the pain. 


You can also position your elbow higher than your heart to increase the recovery rate.


If the pain is unbearable and you think it is a severe case of tennis elbow, you may require surgery.   


Surgical or other procedures:


  • Your pain specialist near me can suggest injections of platelet-rich plasma, botox, or other forms of an irritant into the painful area. 
  • Ultrasonic tenotomy (TENEX procedure):  In this treatment for elbow pain manhattan, the doctor inserts a special needle through your skin into the affected area of the tendon. Ultrasonic energy generates swift vibrations that the damaged tissue liquefies and can be suctioned out. 
  • Surgery:  if your pain is still not improved, you may consider surgery to eliminate damaged tissue. These types of procedures are performed by making large incisions or several tiny incisions.  


Hopefully, the above-mentioned treatments help you relieve the elbow pain.

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