What Are The Main Causes Of Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a common complaint of many individuals. In order to treat it accordingly, you need to know possible knee pain causes that bring about your discomfort. Various factors can instigate pains in your knees including injuries, arthritis, and mechanical problems.   InjuriesAny injury affecting the tendons, ligaments, and bursae (sacs filled with fluid) surrounding the knee joints and of the joints themselves can cause pains. Consult a knee pain specialist NYC, when your knee pain is severe.


Causes Requiring A knee pain doctor NYC:


Torn Meniscus:


The meniscus (rubbery tough cartilage) is the shock absorber in between the thighbone and shinbone. Suddenly twisting the knee as it bears weight could cause the meniscus to be torn. Such a condition requires treatment for knee pain NYC.


ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury:


ACL is one of the four connecting ligaments of the shinbone and thighbone.  This is typical in people who play soccer, basketball, and other sports requiring you to suddenly change directions may cause severe knee pain. Get knee pain treatment in NYC immediately.



Knee Bursitis:


Bursae in the small sac filled with fluid that serves as a cushion allowing ligaments and tendons to smoothly glide on the joint. This injury is just one of the problems that cause inflammation of the bursae. Patellar Tendinitis.  It is the inflammation and irritation of one or more tendons.  A tendon is a fibrous, thick tissue attaching bones to muscles. Athletes who perform jumping activities in their sports are prone to this injury. Consult a knee pain doctor in New York in such a case.




Mechanical ProblemsLoose Part:


Injuries or cartilage/bone degeneration can cause cartilage or bone to break off and become afloat in the joint space. If this loose part interferes with the movements of the knee, it will create pains and problems.  Consult a Pain Specialist in New York if you are experiencing such type of pain.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome:


The ligament extending from the pelvic bone to the tibia or iliotibial band is stretched; it will rub on the outer part of the femur and cause pains.  Distance runners are susceptible to this mechanical problem.  When such type of meniscus tears, immediately consult a Pain Specialist In New York.


Kneecap Dislocation:


The patella or triangular bone covering the knee front becomes dislocated or slips outward from the knee. At times, the dislocation is so severe you can see how badly the patella is displaced.


Foot Or Hip Pain:


This could affect the way you walk so as not to affect the painful joints while walking.  This, will, however, stress the knee joints even more.


ArthritisThere are many kinds of arthritis known. There are some kinds of arthritis that affect the knee.  


Rheumatoid Arthritis: 


It is the most debilitating type of all. It is an autoimmune condition affecting nearly any joint of the body. It is regarded as a chronic disease, but typically varies in severity and could possibly ebb and flow.




This is degenerative arthritis that occurs where there is deterioration in the knee cartilage due to age and overuse.




This occurs when there is a buildup of uric acid crystals in your joint. The big toes are usually affected, but in some instances, the patient's knee might also be affected by gout.  





This condition is often mistaken as gout, but instead of uric acid crystals, calcium-containing crystals are known to develop in the joint.  


Septic Arthritis:


The knee joint should sometimes be infected and becomes swollen, flushed, and painful.  Fever usually comes with septic arthritis.



Hopefully, this meaningful information helps you determine the right treatment for you.


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