What to expect during Knee Arthroscopy?

When you have pain in or around the knee it may be a sign of affecting the knee joint or the delicate ligaments around the knee. It can be caused by physical activity, absence of use, damages such as sprains or strains, or sitting on knees for long periods.  Consult a Pain Doctor NYC to determine the cause of knee pain.



What Is Knee Arthroscopy?


Knee arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure that identifies and treats problems in the knee joint. In this procedure, the surgeon will make tiny incisions and add a very small camera also called an arthroscope, into your knee. The camera lets the surgeon view the internal joint on the screen. He/She first examines the knee to determine the problem and correct it if necessary, using tiny surgical instruments within the arthroscope. To prevent or relieve the symptoms visit Pain Doctor In New York.


Arthroscopy helps identify several knee issues including a torn meniscus or a misaligned patella. It helps repair the joint ligaments.  Since the side effects of the procedure are limited, patients prefer to get it. You can get more knowledge about it from a knee pain doctor Manhattan.



Why do you need  Knee Arthroscopy?


Professionals can suggest knee surgery in NYC in the case of constant severe knee pain. Since the doctor may have already detected the condition of having knee pain and if not, they might prescribe an arthroscopy to identify the cause of the problem. Other than that, it is beneficial for the confirmation of the source of knee pain and treatments. A knee pain specialist NYC can help relieve knee pain. 


How to Prepare for Knee Arthroscopy?


Your knee pain doctor NYC will explain how to prepare for knee surgery. Make sure that you have shared all required medical information with your doctor. Maybe he/she advises stopping that particular medicine before the procedure. 


He/She can advise not to eat or drink something for six to twelve hours before the surgery. In a few cases, your doctor may recommend you a pain reliever medication to prevent any kind of discomfort that you may experience after the knee pain treatment in NYC.   


How do professionals perform a Knee Arthroscopy?


Your knee pain doctor in New York may administer you an anesthetic before knee arthroscopy, it may be local if they have to numb your knee only. You can get injected with regional anesthesia to numb you from the waist down. OR they may inject you with general anesthesia to put you completely to sleep.  


After that, he/she will make tiny incisions or cuts in your knee. He/She may inject a saline solution directly into your knee making it wider so he/she may see inside the joint. When the arthroscope enters through one of the cuts, the surgeon will see around in your joint using the attached camera. In addition, he/she will be able to notice the images taken by the camera on the monitor in the operating room. 


When the surgeon detects the issues in your knee, they can add small tools into the cuts to solve the problem. In the end, surgeons drain the solution from your joint and seal the cuts with the help of stitches. 

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